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What are the Basic Rules of Flower Arranging?

What are the Basic Rules of Flower Arranging?

Arranging flowers and foliage into a vase may seem easy enough but it does require some time, patience and skill. However, it’s worth your time to master the art of flower arrangements. Luckily, you can create some attractive floral arrangements for your home once you grasp some of the basic rules of flower arranging.

5 Basic Rules of Flower Arranging

Whether you’ve picked your own wildflowers or received a bouquet as a gift, understanding some easy flower arranging tips and tricks will be extremely helpful to create a professional looking centerpiece.

Here are a few basic rules of flower arranging that anyone can learn:

  • Balance :

    When assembling flowers into your vase, make sure you are maintaining a balance throughout the arrangement. For instance, if one side looks too crowded, you still have some arranging to do. Try placing a big bloom on one side and balance the other side with a cluster of smaller flowers.
  • Scale :

    One of the most important things to keep in mind when arranging flowers is scale. You want to ensure that your final product will suit the space. If you are working with a small surface, a dainty arrangement would be more appropriate than a large one.
  • Colour :

    Consider the feelings you are trying to capture with your floral arrangements since colours can have a considerable effect on a person’s overall mood. Taking time to think about the occasion and the feelings you want your arrangement to express will help you select the right colours.
  • Texture :

    Incorporate different textures into your arrangement. Textures, including flowers and foliage offer another visually interesting element and make your flowers look like they were arranged by a professional.
  • Dominance :

    Choose one dominant element for your floral arrangement. This can include a common shape, size, colour or texture. Sticking to one common theme is more captivating to look at and can create a harmonious result.

Above all, when choosing flowers, always select ones that you like rather than trying to figure out what would make the most interesting or unique arrangement. Sometimes, keeping it simple can have the biggest impact.

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