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Flower Highlight: November Flower of the Month

Flower Highlight: November Flower of the Month

The November birth flower is the chrysanthemum. One of the world's most popular cut flowers because of its variety. Available in a huge spectrum of colours these flowers are thought to bring good luck and joy into any home!

Also known simply as “mums,” chrysanthemums can be seen in all sorts of autumn decor. The word, “chrysanthemum,” comes from the Greek prefix chrys- meaning golden and -anthemion, meaning flower. Its original colors were golden hues, though mums now come in many colors—orange, burgundy, purple, red, and so on!

Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China in the 15th century. And are now so loved in both China and Japan, that they have their own special day dedicated to them which is called the Festival of Happiness. 

  • Both the Chinese and Japanese consider chrysanthemums a powerful emblem of youth. The Chinese also believe that it prevents gray hair. 
  • A symbol of the sun, the Japanese consider the orderly unfolding of the chrysanthemum’s petals to represent perfection.
  • Confucius once suggested chrysanthemums be used as an object of meditation.
  • It’s said that a single petal placed in the bottom of a glass of wine enhances longevity.

As chrysanthemums come in so many different colours there are a lot of meanings surrounding them based on the shade. But, in general, they represent friendship, honesty and happiness!