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How to Make a Vertical Flower Arrangement?

How to Make a Vertical Flower Arrangement?

Flowers can add colour, texture and beauty to any space. However, how they are arranged can draw the eye to different features of your flowers so it is important to first consider which direction you want to build your bouquet. Vertical flower arrangements can be displayed in almost any location as they do not take up much space and can showcase long stems.

Steps to Creating a Vertical Flower Arrangement

Are you curious about how to make a vertical flower arrangement? Fortunately, it is a fun arrangement for any beginner to try.

Here are a few key steps you need to know to design a vertical flower arrangement:

Choose a Tall Vase: Since you are building your arrangement upwards, you need to select a vase that is tall enough to support your stems. Your vase only needs to be wide enough to add a few flowers and fillers around your focal plant.

Secure Your Base: Cut a piece of floral foam that is just big enough to fit the width of your base. The foam will help secure your flowers into place and keep them standing upright in your vase.

Select the Focal Point: Begin building your vertical arrangement by choosing a focal flower and inserting this into your vase first before selecting and adding smaller flowers around it. The flowers around the perimeter should be of varying heights to create visual interest. 

Add Filler: Add greens as fillers to any empty spaces in your arrangement. These should not be longer than your focal flower and are meant to rest along the rim of your vase to balance out the tall centre.

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