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Indoor Pet-Friendly Plants to Adorn Your Ottawa Home

Indoor Pet-Friendly Plants to Adorn Your Ottawa Home

Indoor Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Home

“Sparky meet Ralph, our newest plant and family member, and remember, don’t eat him.”   

If you're like many pet parents, then you more than likely understand the joy — and stress — that can accompany the introduction of a new plant into your home. Caring for both plants and pets can be a tricky situation when you realize how dangerous some of your favorite plant babies may be to your four-legged friends. As scary as it may be to think about what could happen when bringing a plant into your home, don’t worry, as there are hundreds of indoor plants that are safe to keep around pets.   

Hindu Rope Plant  

The Hoya carnosa is a beautiful plant that, in addition to its gorgeous foliage, is completely safe to keep around pets! Also known as the Hindu Rope Plant for its twisty, rope-like vines, this plant thrives in medium to bright light and drying out between watering.  

Spider Plant  

The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) has been one of the most common house plants in the world for decades. This beginner-friendly plant only needs moderate light and moisture to produce flowers and baby plants with little to no effort. The fact that it's non-toxic is a huge bonus. 

Prayer Plant  

Maranta leuconeura gets its common name, the Prayer Plant, from the way that its leaves fold at night like two hands praying. Its striking green and pink leaves and love of lots of moisture have made it an extremely popular plant in recent years.  

Money Tree  

If you are looking for a sweet little tree to bring into your home and your pet’s life, then the Money Tree is the one for you. The Pachira aquatica loves being watered often, making it nearly indestructible. Plus, a happy Money Tree supposedly brings good luck!  

Air Plant   

Have you ever heard of a plant that doesn’t need soil to survive? That’s exactly what the Air Plant (Tillandsia xerographica) is, hence its name! While this indoor plant is pet-safe, it can look like giant cat toys, so put it in an Air Plant hanger somewhere with bright light.   

Find the Perfect Indoor Plants that are Safe for Pets   

We’ve simply highlighted five varieties to get you started, but this is certainly not an exhaustive list. Terra Plants and Flowers offers a vast assortment of pet-friendly indoor plants — proving that it is more than possible to open your heart to care for pets and potted pals, all under the same roof! Explore our huge collection of indoor plants and order online today.