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The Top 5 Kinds of Flowers to Send that Special Someone for Valentine’s Day

The Top 5 Kinds of Flowers to Send that Special Someone for Valentine’s Day

Love needs no reason and saying "I Love You” needs no special time. And yet, year after year, people around the world are happy to mark a special day for their special someone. Valentine’s Day is upon us! With it comes a perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation to the special people in your life. Nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful flower arrangement from your local flower shop in Ottawa 

Songs of love, romantic movies, cards, and other visual imagery may suggest that roses are the flower of choice for people in love. But roses aren’t your only option when it comes to showing somebody that you care. When you want to buy flowers in Ottawa, we have many options available. Take your pick and create a beautiful memory that will set this year apart.  

Here are 5 flower options that can make your loved one’s experience of Valentine’s Day truly unique and memorable.  

1. Tulips 

Top 5 Kinds of Flowers to Send that Special Someone for Valentine’s Day

Using tulips in your Valentine’s Day bouquet is a perfect way to show your loved one that you put extra thought into finding something unique. Not only are tulips exceptionally pretty, but they are also known for representing unconditional love. While red tulips generally represent passionate love, you can also gift white, yellow, or pink tulips which symbolize caring and hope and are a perfect gift for family and friends. 

2. Buttercups (Ranunculus) 

Buttercups are a flower as lovely as their name. Symbolizing charm, Ranunculus has been used to let someone know how charmed you are by them! Buttercups come in a variety of colours and are a suitable choice of flower when gifting it to anyone that has sensitivities to strong scents. They are also a popular choice in wedding bouquets and can make an arrangement exceptionally elegant and romantic. Buttercups are a perfect flower to let your special someone know you adore them.  

 3. Carnations 

The carnation is one of the most beloved flowers of all time. Carnations symbolize love, admiration, and fascination. But they can also be used to express gratitude. A florist favourite, the carnation is a pretty addition to any flower arrangement in Manotick. If you want to let someone know that your affection is deep and unyielding, a dark red is best. While a pale pink can be gifted to a friend or family member letting them know you appreciate them.  

 4. Sunflowers 

Sunflowers are a perfect flower for any occasion but especially a great gift for Valentine’s Day. They have a variety of meanings but say the same thing — “I was thinking about you.” Sunflowers represent positivity, adoration, and good fortune. They’re ideal to brighten up a loved one’s day and look beautiful in a bouquet.  

 5. Roses 

Top 5 Kinds of Flowers to Send that Special Someone for Valentine’s Day

The iconic flower associated with love and romance, the rose is still number one on the list. Used in film, music, poetry, and art, the rose symbolizes perfect love, beauty, and balance. Although a common flower, roses can make a bouquet stand out with the range of colours and fullness they bring to any arrangement.  

If you’re looking for a way to express your affection or appreciation, look no further than Terra Plants & Flowers for flower delivery in Ottawa. We have beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers available for delivery. When you find an arrangement you’re in love with, you can order flowers online and we will deliver at the time of your choosing.