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What Are the Best Plants to Send as a Wedding Gift?

What Are the Best Plants to Send as a Wedding Gift?

With wedding season ramping up, you may wonder what gift to send the newlyweds. There are numerous plants that symbolize love and new beginnings that would please any couple starting a new chapter in their lives. Arrangements, bouquets, potted plants, and flowers for the garden make great gifts, and Terra Plants & Flowers delivers directly to their doorsteps in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Here are a few reasons we recommend plants and flowers as the perfect nuptial gifts. We also provide the meaning behind some of the more popular gift options you can pass along to the happy couple.

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Sustainable Gifts Represent Renewal

Choose eco-friendly, biodegradable flower arrangements or perennials the couple can use to start their garden.

  • Arrangements featuring sunflowers symbolize love, dedication, and adoration. What could be more perfect for a wedding gift?
  • Succulents are lush and easy to grow, which makes them a welcome gift for a busy couple that would like a bit of greenery without a lot of responsibility.
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You can go traditional with romantic red roses that symbolize true love. If you’d like to send a meaningful bouquet that’s a bit more creative, consider the following:

  • Lilies represent sweetness and purity of heart.
  • Dahlias represent an eternal bond between two people.
  • Carnations stand for love, pride, and admiration.
  • Choose bouquets and arrangements with poetic names such as Beautiful Life, Vintage Love, and True Romance that resonate with couples of all ages and backgrounds.

Just as plants grow and mature over time, so will the newly married couple. Whether you choose plants or flowers or give them the tools they need to start a garden, giving couples living things reminds them of the importance of nurturing their love. Additionally, indoor plants in  crocks or pots bring natural elements to city living and match any decor.

Contact Terra Plants & Flowers at 613-491-7477 today for details on sending plants and flowers as wedding gifts. You can also include a card, chocolates, or balloons with your thoughtful present. Some areas might not be back in full swing due to COVID-19. Let us deliver your gift if you can’t attend in person. We offer fast and efficient flower delivery in Ottawa.

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