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Your Administrative Professionals Deserve Bouquets, Not Brickbats!

Your Administrative Professionals Deserve Bouquets, Not Brickbats!

Administrative Professionals’ Day

You probably have never walked in their shoes, but you can’t function without them. Administrative professionals are the essential cog that keep the wheels of business turning smoothly. And yet, they get more brickbats than bouquets! Now is the time to change that. Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day with flowers this year.

Every year, on the Wednesday in the last full week of April, the hard work and dedication of secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants, and other office support professionals, is formally recognized. This day is known as Administrative Professionals’ Day and we believe giving a gift in the form of a beautiful bouquet is the perfect way to show your valuable staff some well-deserved appreciation.

Why Flowers Make the Perfect Gift for Administrative Professionals’ Day

While Administrative Professionals’ Day has continued to evolve throughout the years in order to better reflect the changing of roles and responsibilities in the modern workforce, the purpose has always remained the same. This day is meant to honour and highlight the efforts of your support staff who often go above and beyond for the business. Here are a few reasons why a bouquet of flowers makes the perfect gift for the administrative professional in your life:

Show Your Gratitude: Flowers are an excellent way to show that you are thankful for the efforts of your support team. ‘Thank you’ flowers are typically white bouquets, but for this particular holiday you can choose from a variety of different colours.

Provide Long-Term Enjoyment: To make sure your recipient gets even more out of your gift; you may want to consider giving them a green plant. Depending on what type you choose, green plants can also have blooms or budding flowers.

Add a Decorative Vase: To make sure your gift lasts long after the flowers have wilted, include a decorative vase. This way, they can re-use the vase for future bouquets.

Customize Your Bouquet: You can tailor your bouquet to match the personality of the recipient or even their work space for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Administrative Professionals’ Day provides a great opportunity to say thank you to anyone that helps you run the office. After all, they are the reason for such an organized and efficient workplace, making your day-to-day life that much easier. If you want to give them an unexpected gift, shop for a custom floral bouquet from Terra Plants and Flowers. Our arrangements are all handcrafted, featuring fresh flowers and stunning pops of colour that are sure to brighten up any desk they adorn. In addition to our floral bouquets and arrangements, we also offer unique gift boxes that are complete with additional items such as candles or sweet treats. Additionally, our expert team of florists are always on hand to help you make the right selection, no matter the occasion.

Shop fresh florals for any occasion at Terra Plants and Flowers. We deliver flowers and plants to residents in the Greater Ottawa area. For more information or help with your order, send us an email at or give us a call at 613-491-7477 and we’ll be happy to assist you.