Flower Colour Meanings and Symbolism

Flower Colour Meanings and Symbolism

Every flower has a universal appeal. Whether planted in your gardens, given as gifts, or used as decoration, flowers will enhance a range of occasions, scenarios, and holidays. These incredibly delicate decorations inspire great love, romance, poetry, art, encouragement, and advanced states of consciousness.

Any flower colour meaning and symbolism may influence your mood and atmosphere. The flower colour symbolism and type of flowers can also be an attractive way of conveying different messages to your loved ones. 

Explore the Flower Colour Meaning and Symbolism of Key Flower Colours

Here are the meanings and symbolism of the renowned flower colours to choose the best floral collections for every occasion.

Red Flowers: Love, Passion

The red flower colour meaning and symbolism represent love and passion. No wonder, right? That is why the demand for red roses is high, especially on Valentine's Day. The red flower colour symbolism represents love, courage and respect.

Among the most loved red flowers are poppies, roses, and tulips.




Love, romance


Deep, perfect love

red flowers

White Flowers: Purity, Innocence

Fresh white flowers meaning and symbolism are closely connected to purity and innocence. The elegant white blossoms symbolize honesty, perfection, and purity. A white flower bouquet is ideal when you’re looking to communicate that incredible combination of innocence and elegance.

The most loved white flowers for every occasion include daisies, orchids, and roses.




Elegance, innocence, reverence


Innocence, purity, youthfulness

White flowers

Yellow Flowers: Friendship, Joy

Yellow flower colour meaning and symbolism represent friendship, joy, and happiness. These cheerful and vibrant choices represent the positivity and warmth of a strong friendship. Giving a bouquet of elegant yellow flowers is a delightful way to brighten someone’s special day and convey your true bond and joy in their presence.

The three best-loved yellow flowers to show true friendship include daisies, lilies, and sunflowers.


Happiness, friendship


Happiness, remembrance


Happiness, intelligence, vitality

Yellow flowers

Pink Flowers: Admiration, Gratitude

The pink colour flower meaning is commonly related to a feminine choice, and many people purchase pink flowers on special occasions such as birthdays or Mother’s Day. This elegant, bright flower symbolizes affection, gentleness, elegance, and amusement.

The three best pink flowers to gift your loved ones are carnations, lilies, and peonies.




Innocence, purity, fertility


Honour, luck, prosperity

Pink flowers

Blue Flowers: Tranquility, Serenity

Blue flower colour meaning and symbolism indicate serenity, peace, relaxation, tranquillity, support, openness, commitment, and intimacy. Soft blue flower colours are a great sentiment to gift your loved one going through a rough patch in life. These delicate blue beauties are incredible for calming our stress, worries, and negative thoughts.

The must-have blue flowers for your home or garden are asters, hydrangeas, and morning glories.


Faith, love, wisdom


Beauty, grace, gratitude

Morning Glories


Purple Flowers: Royalty, Nobility

Purple flower colour meaning and symbolism represent admiration, dignity, adoration, royalty, wealth, success, refinement, tradition, pride, elegance, accomplishment, creativity, and life transitions. These beautiful flowers are remarkable blooms to enjoy and celebrate your farewell party from school, college, or graduate school.

The most attractive purple flowers for celebrations are bellflowers, clematises, and irises.


Affection, constancy, gratitude




Courage, faith, hope, wisdom

Green Flowers: Renewal, Growth

Generally, we don’t see flowers having green petals, but many people plant beautiful green colour flower options and make bouquets to use for more than an aesthetic purpose. The green flower colour meaning and symbolism are deeply associated with Mother Nature. Due to its earthy colour, green colour flowers embody the renewal and youthfulness of spring that comes with each cycle of seasons.

Among the most popular green flowers people love are anthurium, button flowers, and green orchids.



Button Flowers

Protection and healing

Green Orchids

Health, life, longevity, strength

Orange Flowers: Enthusiasm, Energy

Orange flower is a bold, vibrant colour. It’s no wonder that gifting a bouquet of elegant orange flowers displays warmth, joy, and happiness. Whether you’re mixing orange flowers with other flower colours or sending them on their own, a beautiful orange flower's meaning and symbolism represent pure excitement. Every passionate person in your life can immediately connect to an orange colour flower arrangement.

Marigolds, tulips, and zinnias are the three most popular orange flowers.


Light, power, strength


Perfect love


Affection, friendship, remembrance

Black Flowers: Mystery, Farewell

Black flowers feature an air of elegance and mystery. While these flower colours are not natural, some flowers are dyed or bred to show black hues. These rare black blooms symbolize strength, power, and the unknown.

The best-loved black flowers to gift or receive are black rose, black orchid, and black tulip.

Black Rose

Eternal love, passion

Black Orchid

Mystery, sensuality, seduction

Black Tulip

Elegance, power, royalty, grandeur

Depending on the emotions and situations you are experiencing, these delicate flower colors are an adorable gift selection. Or get them for a loved one and allow them to feel alive, loved, close to nature. To get high-quality, delicate flower blooms, visit Terra Plants & Flowers and make your special day memorable!