What Is the Etiquette for Sending Flowers to a Funeral?

What Is the Etiquette for Sending Flowers to a Funeral?

Funerals are meant to honor and mourn the loss of a recently deceased loved one. Family and friends gather to remember and celebrate the life of the one that passed away. It can be an emotionally overwhelming time with different traditions to navigate. Sending flowers in remembrance of those that have passed on is one of those traditions. If you wish to send funeral flowers to those who have lost a loved one, take a look at these etiquette guidelines below.

Know the Type of Service and Location

If you want to send flowers to the funeral of your friend’s loved one, it is important to know what kind of service they will be having and its location. A church service or funeral home service allows you to send flowers to be displayed to honour the deceased. A cemetery service, on the other hand, requires the flowers to be sent to the family’s residence. Sending flowers to a funeral is a public tribute and a kind way of expressing your sympathies. It is also appropriate to send an arrangement to the family’s home since it respects their privacy and still conveys a message of support. 

Address your Delivery

When sending flowers, it is ideal to have the sympathy arrangement delivered to a funeral. It is better to utilize flower delivery in Ottawa for your funeral flower services since it can be difficult to coordinate with the funeral home on your own. Using flower delivery gives the funeral staff time to set up the arrangements in a style of the family’s choosing. Remember, certain styles of sympathy arrangements should be delivered to a funeral home or church, such as sympathy sprays, wreaths, baskets, and casket displays. If you want to send funeral floral arrangements that are in vases or planters, they are better suited to send to the family’s home.

Write Out your Condolences 

It is proper etiquette to send your written condolences when sending funeral flowers. Usually, the card sent with your chosen arrangement is small, so it’s best to make your message short and sweet. You can write phrases such as "[name] is forever in our hearts" or "we hope you find peace and courage". These are kind and succinct messages to show your sympathy. In addition to this, always write your first name and last name, even if you know the family well. It’s important to sign your full name so there is no confusion about who sent the floral arrangement.

Business Vs Personal

Funeral flowers can be sent by anyone who would like to express their condolences for the deceased. Etiquette states that business associates can send flowers to the office of the recently deceased in remembrance. Family and friends can send flowers to the home, funeral or church service. If you’re in need of a funeral floral arrangement, your local flower shop in Ottawa can recommend the proper arrangement tailored to your situation, whether it be business or personal.

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