Blooming Clueless or Botanical Boss? This Flower Quiz Will Tell All!

Blooming Clueless or Botanical Boss? This Flower Quiz Will Tell All!

Flowers brighten our days, add a touch of beauty to any space, and come loaded with symbolism.

But how much do you really know about these fascinating plants?

Get ready to test your knowledge with our fun and informative flower quiz!

We'll challenge you on all things floral, from common names and colours to hidden meanings and historical significance.

Think you're a flower guru? Take the quiz and find out.

Ready. Set. Bloom!

Flower Quiz Questions

So, grab a pen and paper (or keep score mentally), and let's get started.

Question 1: This elegant white flower symbolizes purity and innocence. What is it called?

  1. a) Lily
  2. b) Orchid
  3. c) Carnation
  4. d) Iris

Question 2: Sunflowers are known for their cheerful appearance and bright yellow colour. But what is the symbolic meaning of sunflowers?

  1. a) Purity
  2. b) Admiration
  3. c) Grief
  4. d) Jealousy

Fun Flower Fact: Did you know that sunflowers can actually turn their heads throughout the day to face the sun?

Question 3: Native American tradition believes this vibrant purple flower is a child born of the sky and earth and represents balance and opportunity. What is it?

  1. a) Hyacinth
  2. b) Violet
  3. c) Azalea
  4. d) Pansy

Question 4: Red roses scream romance, but what feeling is often associated with orange flowers?

  1. a) Friendship
  2. b) Serenity
  3. c) Hope
  4. d) Affection

Fun Flower Fact: Red roses aren't the only flowers that symbolize love! Pink roses represent affection and appreciation, while white roses, known as bridal roses, signify new beginnings and purity.

Question 5: Roses come in many colours, but what colour rose symbolizes grief or mourning?

  1. a) Red
  2. b) White
  3. c) Yellow 
  4. d) Pink

Question 6: This delicate flower is often associated with new beginnings and hope. What is it called?

  1. a) Pansy
  2. b) Forget-me-not 
  3. c) Poppy
  4. d) Orchid

Fun Flower Fact: The world's smallest flowering plant is called Wolffia. It's so tiny that you'd need a microscope to see it clearly!

Question 7: Carnations come in various colours, each with a different meaning. What does a white carnation symbolize?

  1. a) Love
  2. b) Sympathy
  3. c) Purity 
  4. d) Congratulations

Question 8: Victorians used the language of flowers to express emotions they couldn't say out loud. A red rose meant "I love you," but what did a petunia symbolize?

  1. a) Justice
  2. b) Jealousy
  3. c) Sadness
  4. d) Anger

Fun Flower Fact: Peonies are known as the "King of Flowers" in China. They symbolize wealth, honour, and prosperity.

Question 9: This popular purple flower is associated with royalty and wisdom. Can you name it?

  1. a) Iris
  2. b) Hyacinth
  3. c) Violet
  4. d) Freesia

Question 10: The ancient Egyptians believed this white flower represented rebirth and life after death. What is it?

  1. a) Orchid
  2. b) Lily
  3. c) Tulip
  4. d) Iris

Fun Flower Fact: Tulips were once more valuable than gold! During the 17th century, there was a period known as "Tulip Mania," where tulip bulbs were worth incredible sums of money.

Flower Trivia Bonus Round!

This isn't a flower but a popular houseplant with large, glossy leaves. What's it called?

  1. a) Snake Plant
  2. b) Fiddle Leaf Fig
  3. c) Monstera
  4. d) Peace Lily

So, How Did You Do?

Tally up your correct answers to see if you're a blooming genius or a budding beginner.


Answers: 1a, 2b, 3b, 4d, 5c, 6b, 7c, 8d, 9a, 10b, bonus b

  • Mostly correct answers – Congratulations, you're a flower whiz!
  • Half correct answers – You're on the right track! Keep learning about these fascinating plants.
  • Mostly incorrect answers – Don't worry! Flowers are a beautiful way to learn.

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